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2009 Nov 28 - How important is Bakun power to Peninsular Malaysia?

How important is Bakun power to Peninsular Malaysia?

Nov 27, 2009: "The minister of energy, Peter Chin Fah Kui mentioned that bakun power is need in Peninsular Malaysia. Have he ever thought that Sabah is also in need of Bakun power from Sarawak as a viable alternative to dirty coal-powered plant. This is the kind of double standard practised and so called 1Malaysia?"

(Quoted from his Blog) November 25, 2009:  There is much debate recently on this question and I do not think that it will stop just because of this posting. Still as Minister of Energy, I must try to convey to readers of this Blog how I feel about the subject matter and hopefully provide some facts and to an extent some intelligent answers.

Let me begin from this point of view. Bakun power is needed for Peninsular Malaysia based on the following reasons:

•to ensure security of supply after 2015. Presently, there is a healthy generation surplus margin of nearly 50% and this margin will drop to 25% by the year 2015 as electricity demand will grow by 3 to 4 percent a year and there is no 'plant-up' plans from now until 2015.
•to reduce dependency on fossil fuels which currently supply 90% of the power generation fuels in Peninsular Malaysia thus it is too dangerous to depend on this two rather limited and expansive fuel sources.
•to ensure a reliable source of supply for the Peninsular as the Government is of the view that Bakun presents almost no fuel supply risks.
•to provide a comparatively cheaper source of energy for the Peninsular consumers since the life cycle analysis of electricity generation costs, Bakun power is still cheaper.
Of course, there are other permutations as to costs of transmission, safety issues and even economic risks as well. And there are yet others who argue that Bakun power should be allowed to stay in Sarawak and not brought over to Peninsular Malaysia. As I said earlier, the debate is not going to end with this posting. I am sure there will be other venues and opportunities for such debates to be done and conclusions drawn.

On the part of the Government, a decision on the matter has to be made. For reasons given above as well as the fact that the Federal Government has sunk in the capital investments, it has been decided that there is a necessity to bring Bakun power (1,700 MW) to Peninsular Malaysia commencing 2015 when the two submarine cables have been properly laid and becoming functional. This is as seen from the Federal agencies' point of view and I am sure there will be other views. I am prepared to hear those who may not agree.

by Peter Chin Fah Kui, Federal Minister of Energy in his blog

SAPP: important is Bakun power to Sabah?

"It actually vindicates SAPP's arguments that we do not need the proposed coal power plant because there are viable alternatives. One of the alternatives is the transmission of power from Bakun to Sabah"


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