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2009 Dec 1 - Chua questions terms of reference on EIA

Chua: Terms of reference on EIA

Dec 1, 2009: Reference 06300 Control and Enforcement ..."I would like to ask the Menteri on Terms of Reference (TOR) regarding the EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) and SIA ( Social Impact Assessment) to be conducted by the Department of Environment (DOE) in Sabah on the viability of the coal power plant in Kg.Sinakut at Felda , Lahad Datu. What are the major considerations on the TOR, When is the EIA and SIA going to start? How Long does it take to complete?

Similarly, I also wish to know on the same study carry out on the Kaiduan Dam, when is EIA and SIA going to start and time taken for its completion.

Does the people has a chance to present their views? I wish the government would understand that it's not just a political issue as some senior politician put it, it is not for the sake of objections that we are doing it, it is about creating a cleaner and safer environment for our future generations.

As many countries, liked Australia, world biggest producer of coal and highest (GHG) Green House Gas emission would be considering reducing the its coals production and coal power production because of its Global warming impact causing rapid raising of seawater level in Australia. Similarly, China has also reported its closed down of many coal power plants to reduce pollutions and global warming impact. Green peace Indonesia also reported to urge its government to stop its coal mining as Indonesia is the 2nd world coal producing nation.

We should learn from these experienced nations but not to take steps backwards. It is our conscience, from the people of Sabah, that we are doing it for our mother land and our further generations.

Many people in Sabah would like to know the real reasons on why the initial planned coal power plant was rejected in Silam, Lahad Datu and again rejected in Sandakan , as announced by the Chief Minister of Sabah is viable in Kg. Sinakut, Felda Tungku?

From the pictures and information given to me by the anxious people of Sabah, I would like to know:

(1) At the 2100 MW Mjanjun Coal power plant, and the Kapar coal power plant in Klang, Is the direct discharge of chlorinated and sulphated cooling waste water directly into the sea harmful to the coral and marine life ? We would risk our 'sea food basket ' in Lahad Datu. Is zero sulphate discharge possible to the sea?

(2) In USA, No coal power plant is allowed to be built at the seaside, all the wastes must not be allowed to be discharged back into the sea including water must be recycled. But an incidence of a burst sludge pipe had killed many marine life.

(3) Kg. Sinakut is 100 km away from Tabin wildlife reserve, Borneo Wild cat and Leopard project and the Lahad Datu town, Is the government 101% sure that the air pollutants and acid rains would not affect all these people and animals, flora and fauna at the said area? Darvel Bay is a rich food source and a potential of seaweed worth RM3 billion...are these rich potentials for the livelihood of the people affected?

(4) on the 15, may 2009 at Manado, Indonesia, Leaders of 6 countries including the PM of Malaysia, pledged to the declaration of protecting the natural resources of the coral triangle that is at risk due to over-fishing, illegal fishing, unsustainable coastal development, pollution and climate change. PM YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said it is a political commitment for marine preservation.

I urge the government to consider the public interest with 1 Malaysia concept, People First , "PLEASE STOP IT !"

by Datuk Chua Soon Bui, Member of Parliament for Tawau cum SAPP vice president.

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