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2009 Dec 15 - Commitment an irony, claims SAPP

Commitment an irony, claims SAPP

Kota Kinabalu, Dec 15, 2009: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) said the Prime Minister's announcement that the Malaysian Government is willing to offer its commitment to cut its carbon dioxide emission at the Copenhagen climate change summit "is laughable".
Its Deputy President Datuk Eric Majimbun said this is because Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak not long ago also announced that a coal-fired power plant would be built in Lahad Datu.

"It is funny because the country is offering to credibly cut its carbon dioxide emissions while at the same time the Government will build the country's seventh coal-fired power plant which will be in Sabah," he said.

Malaysia presently has six coal-fired power plants, four in the peninsula and two in Sarawak.

Majimbun, who is Sepanggar Member of Parliament, was referring to reports quoting Najib that the Government is willing to offer its commitment at the summit where he would be among more than 110 world leaders who would try to clinch a deal on deeper emission cuts by rich nations.

Najib reportedly said he is not just going to call on the developed world but to commit Malaysia to very credible cuts which means "we have to spend which we will do." The cuts were still being worked on, said the Premier.

UN data showed that Malaysia's carbon emissions in 2006 stood at 187 million tonnes or 7.2 tonnes from each Malaysian.

Referring to Sunday's Daily Express front page report titled "Sabah Can't Do Without Coal Plant: SESB", he questioned: "Why must it be a coal-fired power plant if not for the interest of some individuals?"

He said the Government should be aware that what Sabah has today in terms of its nature and diversity may be the only source of income for the country in future through tourism, when other available resources have dried up, and thus it is very important to safeguard it.

"People can always guarantee this and that can minimise the impact on the environment but still no one can be really sure about it the State's green nature in particular is very sensitive and may be lost forever if we just 'bulldoze' everything."

Meanwhile, party President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee claimed the State Government failed to handle serious issues like the rampant loss of land and rising costs of living.

He said this is the analysis of over 300 local leaders during SAPP's recently- concluded Level 5 leadership course held from Nov. 28 to Dec.

14 in various parts of the State with the theme 'Fight To Win'.

The former Chief Minister said it has become abundantly clear that there is something very wrong with the State's land management and approval process.

He said local villagers who have settled on land for two generations suddenly discover that their land has been approved to a private sector.

"It is impossible that their wakil rakyat and the land officers concerned are not aware that there are local villagers in the land applied for by the companies. This opens up the question of abuse of power, corruption and dereliction of duty by Government officials and their elected representatives," he said.

He said the imminent hike in electricity tariff and sugar prices would add to the hardship suffered by ordinary people.

Yong said the issues leading to a crisis of confidence include the illegal immigrant problems, electricity and water supply, poverty, empty promises, poor health service and many more.

He said in spite of the issues against the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, SAPP members were reminded not to underestimate the immense resources, funds, manpower, mass media and Government facilities that the BN would use to win the next general elections.

"Therefore SAPP will have to gain the edge over Umno-led BN by using new ideas, creativity and the Internet in campaigning," he said.

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