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2009 May 18- 93pc QEH nurses say morale is low

93pc QEH nurses say morale is low

KOTA KINABALU, May 18, 2009: Some 453 nurses (that is 75 per cent of the population of nurses serving in QEH, QEH housed at the Sabah Medical Centre, and QEH Orthopaedic Ward housed at Likas Hospital ) responded to self-developed questionnaires, which was the tool used in carrying out the survey.

What prompted the survey was the little attention given to the welfare of QEH staff and workers, and how they cope with the QEH crisis. The survey had the permission of State Health Director, Dr Hj Marzuki Mohd Isa and QEH Director DR Zuraidah Hj Babji.

As a result of the decanting process in many locations, Sana President Dr Hjh Bibi Florina Abdullah said 97 per cent agreed that escorting of patients from one place to another has left minimum staff in the wards, and this has affected the quality of care provided.

"93 per cent agreed that the level of dissatisfaction expressed by patients and doctors is greater now. According to 95 per cent of the respondents, the wards have become congested due to reduction in bed number, forcing them to kneel down on the cement floor to take observation f the patients.

"90 per cent also agreed that with patients on camp beds in the middle of the ward, the emergency trolley, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and any life-saving procedure has difficulty in having access to the patientís bedside.

"89 per cent of the nurses felt that the work process has increasing become difficult for them. On top of it, privacy for patients is practically nil," the retired National Matron of Malaysia told the gathering.

Giving more figures, Bibi Florina revealed that 91 per cent of the respondents felt that the image of nurses is greatly affected due to numerous complaint about the present hospital service.

She said 88 per cent were in a dilemma as to how to answer queries from patients and the public they do not know what will happen to QEH.

"77 per cent were demoralized after being scolded by relatives and patients over their inability to attend to their needs immediately. This is because many times nurses had to leave the ward or escort them to another hospital for treatment.

"In fact, 67 per cent of the nurses even thought to early retirement or transfer to another hospital. This is worrying."

Other findings are as follows:

  • 75 per cent feel shameful when others criticise QEH facilities.

  • 67 per cent are under stress and canít concentrate on performing their duties because they donít know what will happen to them.

  • 70 per cent say that stress has affected their health and family relationship. They spend less time with their family at this period of time.

  • 50 per cent agree that they have lost interest in their work and are easily irritable in relation to family members at home, even over minor matters.

  • 53 per cent state that they feel insecure and begin each day with a negative attitude.

  • 75 per cent of the nurses feel that family members are worried about their safety in the workplace.

Bibi Florina said because of the QEH crisis, a common from the public is their hope that they would not fall sick or meet with an accident at this critical period "because you will get sub-optimal facilities if you need medical care."

"Many have expressed concern about the standard of services and safety of the building."

Source: DE

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