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2013 Apr 9 - Respect M'sia Agreement for Sulu Claim to weaken

Respect M'sia Agreement for Sulu Claim to weaken

KOTA KINABALU, April 9, 2013: The next Federal Government will have to honour, recognise and respect political autonomy to Sabah, as promise in the Malaysia Agreement, which is the basis for the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

Any attempt to depart from the "letter and spirit" or the formation of Malaysia will only fortify and intensify the Sulu / Philippines claim of Sabah, cautioned President of Sabah Progressive Party ( SAPP ) Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

Speaking at SAPP's second "Kopitiam Ceramah"at the Foh Sang shops here, Saturday, Yong focused mainly on the perennial issue of Sabah Claimwhich recently cropped up following the bloody intrusion of Sabah by Filipino militant calling themselves the Royal Army of Sulu Sultanate, in Lahad Datu.

He reminded that within the Malaysia Agreement is Article 8 (A) which talked about the Inter 每 Governmental Committee (IGC) Report between the govenments of United Kingdom, Malaya, Singapura, and at that time North Borneo Sabah and Sarawak.

That IGC Report contains the Cobbold Commision Report, which in turn contains all the recommendations and the spirit of the "20 Points".

"The gist of all these, including various undertakings by the British Government and the Malayan Government then, is that Sabah will be autonomous 每 a sovereign state within Malaysia. The basis of Malaysia is the Malaysia Agreement which also grants autonomy for Sabah and Sarawak.

"They ( the Philippines and Sulu Sultanate ) claimed that Sabah is not part of Malaysia ( based on the Malaysia Agreement ). This has now been highlighted and that if Malaysia were to try to depart from the letter and spirit of the formation of Malaysia, then the Sulu Claim will come in," he warned.

"Between the Sulu Claimed i.e. that Sabah is no longer part of Malaysia or autonomy for Sabah, I think the choice for the Federal Government is very obvious," he added.

"For instance, you cannot say our coastline is too wide and, therefore, cannot protect us, because security was the main guarantee given to Sabah for forming Malaysia. You cannot claim our maritime area is too wide to guard when you are also extracting oil and gas from our maritime area,"he said.

Although legally the Philippines has no right to claim Sabah, Yong highlighted the politically and psychologically they have been keeping the issue alive all these years, by having all these maps that prominently showed Sabah as part of its sovereignty.

"Politically and psychologically, the Philippines are keeping the issue alive by telling the Filipinos there is this place called Sabah / North Borneo that they have a claim to," he said, adding there is no mention of Malaysia in the map showing Sabah, only Sabah / North Borneo.

The former Chief Minister was also of the opinion that the Feb 12 invasion of Sabah by the Filipino militants was far from over and may take the Government a long time to deal with it.

"It's not the end,it was only the ICU ( intensive care unit )treatment.

"Now we have to go for rehabilitation and recovery, and that will take 20 years, don't listen to Jimmy Wong ( Sabah DAP Chief ), who claimed that it can be solved within one day," he said.

He attributed the wrong approach to the top politicians and civil servants in Kuala Lumpur who don't understand the mindset and the psychology of both the Sabahans as well as from the neighbouring Philippines.

"This is partly the failure of Sabah Government for not putting the Federal Government on the right track," he said. He stressed that what the Government should do is to get the perspective right, and one of the pressing issues is concerning the land-grab by government-linked companies like Felda.

He cited for example, little support for the Government among the villagers in and around Kg Tanduo during the instrusion because Felda has been grabbing lands from villagers.

"Felda have been very crude, at times, even rough with villagers.They even dug a huge drain almost like the Palestine settlement type, to bar villagers from entering certain areas which are now claimed by Felda and that has made the people very angry.

"When the dust has settled, the anger among the local people there built up over the year will become more apparent. Now that the ICU stage is over, we are not on the right track. We must get to see the full picture,"he said.

He was also of the opinion that the beefing up of the security and its infrastructures, in the east coast of Sabah, may not necessarily deter future intrusions.

"It's like putting up iron grills or posting part time security guards in your house when the neighbourhood is already infested with socio-economic problems and you think that your security guards and iron grills can look after you," he said.

Yong stressed that to properly and effectively resolve the issue there must be a serious regional effort to revive the now idled BIMP-EAGA ( Brunei 每 Indonesia 每 Malaysia 每 Philippines East Asia Growth Area ) endeavour.

"That's very important for a regional economic prosperity especially in the Southern Philippines, so that it would create a situation whereby most of the illegal immigrants will voluntarily return to their country of origin, just like what happened in China where a majority of the Chinese migrants in Hong Kong have returned to Shenzheng," he explained.

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