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Yong Teck Lee: "This is my promise to you, that our struggle continues and I will always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a serious political party of the future"


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2010 Apr 19 - True multi-racialism must for success: Noor

True multi-racialism must for success: Noor

Kota Kinabalu, Apr 19, 2010: Any party that intends to form the State Government must truly uphold the multi-racial concept where Sabah is concerned as the previous so-called multi-racialism practised by Parti Berjaya and Parti Bersatu Sabah had their flaws.

Giving this advice to the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) at a seminar organised by the party, Friday, former State Finance Minister, Datuk Mohd Noor Mansoor said SAPP leaders must learn from history what really caused the downfall of the Berjaya and PBS governments.

"I don't know if (all those in the former Berjaya) feel the same way but I think the downfall of Berjaya was because it did not fully respect the multi-racial concept.

"We gave everything (to the people) but we still lost because we were merely saying we are a multi-racial party but not in practice," he said in his talk at the Forum on Current Issues at Winner Hotel.

Mohd Noor who was Berjaya Secretary-General recently joined SAPP as an ordinary member. During the PBS era, he said its President Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, perhaps, forgot about the multi-racial concept and went overboard a little.

"The concept means unity irrespective of religion and race, so if we dilute the concept, problems will start to crop up," he said at the talk, which was attended by SAPP President, Datuk Yong Teck Lee and Supreme Council members as well as members.

"I dare say here that while many people accuse (the late) Tun Mustapha as being the one responsible for bringing Umno to Sabah this is was due to the multi-racial concept practised by Pairin," he said.

Mohd Noor said everybody is talking about "Ketuanan Melayu" (Malay supremacy) but then "there is no Malay in Sabah".

"We are actually a composite of all races but there is no Malay in Sabah," he said. According to him, Umno in Sabah is different from that in Peninsular Malaysia.

"Umno is deeply rooted in Peninsular Malaysia but Umno is only transplanted in Sabah...go ask the experts (as to) which one is stronger, the original tree or the transplant.

Don't listen to talk that here is no way to win because Umno is too strong. Just remember what happened to Berjaya and Usno," he said.

He said SAPP's struggle was to return autonomy to Sabah but this was also a complicated matter as far as campaigning is concerned.

"For Berjaya previously our struggle was to bring democracy to Sabah and this was easy for us to explain to the people, including the elderly, because they could see what we meant.

"Mass arrests of people, the mass conversions into Muslims for political gain...yes it is true, I dare say people believed Berjaya because they could see this," he said.

But in today's case, he said it is a bit difficult for SAPP to explain to the people about autonomy because it is something that cannot be seen, particularly the kampung folk who might not be able to comprehend its meaning.

Towards this end, Mohd Noor said it was most important for the younger generation in SAPP to do their part and explain to their friends and to the people in the rural areas what the party's leadership meant by wanting autonomy to be returned to Sabah.

"If old people like me can work 24 hours a day there is no reason for the younger people not to work 25 hours a day," he said, adding the task would not be impossible if they manage to get the message right to the grassroots.

He also believed the 13th General Election would be the best opportunity for SAPP to become the State Government.

"If we fail then the repercussions will be deep ... it may take a longer time before we can ever see the opportunity again," he said....more

by Chris Maskilone (DE)

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