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2000 Nov 6 - Tenaga eyeing renewable energy

Tenaga eyeing renewable energy - Blowing Hot Air or Talking Bull?

November 6, 2000 KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's national power utility Tenaga Nasional Bhd will look for renewable energy sources to boost its generating capacity, the Edge business weekly said.
The weekly quoted Tenaga chairman Jamaludin Jarjis as saying that the company would revisit the hydroelectric sector.

"We are looking back again at hydro areas in Peninsular Malaysia. For instance, we are considering old hydroelectric plants with the possibility of refurbishing them for more capacity," Jamaludin told the Edge.

"We are also looking at geographical areas where it might be possible to generate hydroelectric power.
So, basically, we are revisiting the renewable energy area so that we do not have to depend a lot on non-renewable energy sources such as gas and coal," he said.

Gas currently accounts for 75 percent of Tenaga's fuel costs while 18 percent comes from coal and seven percent from oil.

National oil company Petronas, which supplies natural gas to Tenaga, was reported to be seeking a hike in the price of gas when its contract with Tenaga expires at the end of this year.

Jamaludin said Tenaga would either go alone or work with other companies if it finds suitable areas for hydroelectric power development. "We are open. If we have the financial capacity, we will do it ourselves," he said.

In its 2001 budget presented last month, Malaysia announced incentives to encourage the industry to seek renewable energy sources, especially biomass, which included a 70 percent tax exemption on statutory income for five years and exemptions on import duty and sales tax for machinery and equipment.

Tenaga shares closed up 50 cents at 12.40 ringgit on Friday. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE


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