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2009 Jul 30 - Chua: National Green Technology Policy the way forward for renewable energy

Chua: National Green Technology Policy the way forward for renewable energy

Tawau, July 30, 2009: After attending the launching of NGTP by PM last week, Datuk Chua Soon Bui, MP for Tawau, said that it is now more timely than ever to object the construction of coal power plant in Sabah as it contradicts the objective of NGTP.

She said although the concept of green technology is nothing new as many countries in the world such as Germany, Spain, France, Japan and others had implemented it to overcome the global problems of global warming, climate change, depletion of natural resources, energy supplies and food security.

She agreed that NGTP is the way forward to implement renewable energy resources with sustainable solutions which minimize degrading impact on the environment. The NGTP is said to minimize the growth of energy consumption of the present resources with enhanced economic development, and most important of all, a better quality of life for all Malaysians.

In 2006, Malaysia consumed about 14 Gigawatts of energy. The energy requirement is predicted to be 19 Gigawatts in 2010 and 23 Gigawatts in 2015. Malaysia will become a net importer of oil by 2013.
She commended the government's effort in diverting the energy resources from oil, gas, coal power and hydropower to more sustainable resources of solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energies under the NGTP.

In 1979 when the National Energy Policy was formulated, it was to ensure adequacy, security and cost effectiveness of energy with efficient utilization of energy. But Sabah has never benefited for the past 30 years.

Although renewable energy resource was emphasized in RMK 9 (Ninth Malaysian Plan), no comprehensive plan was ever implemented. She hoped that the government has strong political will in the NGTP as it may be more costly to implement initially but no raw materials are needed, and it is easier to maintain.

She questioned why TNB, being the big power house energy provider in Malaysia still insists on building the coal power plant in Sabah when Malaysia is embarking in NGTP. TNB chose to do the opposite.
She also questioned who has the authority to regulate the source of energy supply. Does it mean that TNB is more powerful to the extent of ignoring the government's NGTP?

The reasons given by TNB were that coal power plant is non-polluting technology and cost effective but the NGTP has already taken into account of the challenge ahead with short and long termed goals so that quality of life for all citizens and future generations are ensured.

Coal is definitely not a renewable energy resource. Beside the pollution factor, people of Sabah are suspicious of our rich coal mine at Maliau Basin that might be forced to open when import of coal runs out.
She also said the people of Sabah has never objected the gas power plant in Kimanis and hoped that it can be sanctioned as soon as possible to ease the acute power shortage in Sabah.

She urged the PM to intervene on the forced building of the coal power plant which was said to be the only solution to ensure adequate power supply in Sabah especially Tawau.

She also urged the TNB not to hold the people at ransom as it is the government's responsibility to ensure ‘One Malaysia, People First and Performance Now'. She proposed that if TNB is not willing to build other renewable energy power plants such as the solar or hybrid ones, the PM should give a licence through Sabah Development Corporation (SDC) so that Sabah companies are given a chance to spearhead the NGTP under RMK 10, and let Sabah become a role model for green renewable energy provider.

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