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2009 Jan 12 - SAPP Youth: "Jambatan Gantung" part of the missing RM1 billion

SAPP Youth: "Jambatan Gantung" part of the missing RM1 billion?

Kota Kinabalu (Jan 12, 2009): Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Youth questions the Federal Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, whether the funding for the suspension bridges, is part of the "missing RM1 billion".

The local press yesterday reported Ongkili’s announcement that 3 suspension bridges in Kota Marudu namely Simpangan, Kg Lampada and Kg Timbang Batu were funded by the National Security Council, totaling some RM1.1 million. These works were to replace bridges washed away by major floods back in February 2008.

"We are perplexed that the said suspension bridges were funded by the National Security Council. How does this (suspension bridge replacement exercise) involve the (NSC) National Security Council? One would presume that the obvious government authorities would have been the Rural Development Ministry, Works Ministry etc., not the 'Pentagon' of the country. To associate 'Jambatan Gantung' with the NSC is far fetched," said Edward.

Edward also questioned whether this is part of the promised RM1 billion special allocations for Sabah as announced by the Prime Minister last year May.

"As a Federal Cabinet Minister, Dr Max should be able to shed some light to the people of Sabah. Dr Max must explain the whereabouts of the promised RM1 billion. If any projects implemented thus far are part of this (special allocation), then they must be made known and listed.


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