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... Parti Maju Sabah (Sabah Progressive Party) .... United We Build, Together We Progress in Gabungan

Put your views, comments on how to help Sabah regain its pride

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Yong Teck Lee: "This is my promise to you, that our struggle continues and I will always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a serious political party of the future"


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Contribution to SAY YES to Our Struggle....

  • Sustain our existing campaigns for democracy, social justice and rights

  • Continue our political training for members, research and development

  • To fulfill our commitment to realize our 8-points declaration for Malaysians especially in Sabah.

  • That the government shall be of the people and based on good governance and civil society and non-racial politics based on a progressive, just and harmonious society;

  • that Sabah shall have political autonomy whereby the government shall be formed and run by the people of Sabah;

  • that Sabah and other oil producing States shall be entitled to the petroleum royalty of 20%;

  • that the Federal Territory of Labuan shall be returned to Sabah and governed as a special region;

  • that unfair and imprudent federal laws which have been extended to Sabah and federal departments and which are to the detriment of he State shall be reviewed;

  • that Sabah shall be given fair and just participation in the federal administration, the civil service and private sector, and that the federal departments in Sabah shall, as far as possible, he headed by local Malaysians;

  • that the federal government and the state governments shall put in sufficient resources, political will and leadership in solving the illegal immigrant problems in a firm but humane manner, with emphasis on regional concept and smart partnership; and

  • that the federal and state governments shall together work on redressing the in-built structural imbalances in the economic and social structure of the country affecting Sabah and other States.

How to donate

Cheques are payable to SAPP under the name of "Sabah Progressive Party" and can be sent to this address;

Sabah Progressive Party,
Lot 23, Tingkat 2, Jalan Kolam Luyang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Donations through the bank can be done at all Maybank branches:

Bank Name : MayBank Berhad
Current Account No. : 510198018801

Please be informed that SAPP does not solicit donations through any persons /persons /individuals /agents.

Cases like these should be referred to our Party Headquarters at Tel : +6088-242107

Thank You
Sabah Progressive Party

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