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2008 Dec 7 - Sabah Schools still awaiting share of RM30 million

SAPP: Sabah Schools still awaiting share of RM30 million

TAWAU (Dec 7,  2008); A total of 83 Chinese schools and educators in Sabah were disappointed at being kept waiting for their share of the special allocation of RM30 million for Government sponsored Chinese schools as well as mission shcools in the State.

The allocation form the Prime Minister's Department was given to schools in West malaysia and Sarawak before March this year, according to Tawau Member of Parliament Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui.

She said many educators has raised the matter but no answer was given.

"While we welcome the special fund totalling RM200 million from the Ministry of Education, we hope that a special attention could be given to Chinese and mission schools in Sabah in the aspect of repair and devlopment," she said during the parliament sittin recently.

"Some 30 percent of CHinese schools located in th erural areas required immediate repair to their structures," she said, adding that many of them had applied for the assistance.

"I also would like to know the criteria used by the Ministry in distributing the RM200 million fund to projects."

"There is a mission school in Tawau which is St. Ursula Secondary School, Two blocks of building there is now being infested with termites.

"I hope that the Ministry of Education can speed up the assistance to the school before any untoward incident occurs." Chua said there is also SK Balung at Cocos village which has been adopted by the MInister of Education himself at that time, but where eight wooden classrooms in a building were being infested with termites.

"It has made many request to the Tawau Education Office but no action was taken," she claimed.

"I wish to urge the Ministry of Education to take imediate steps before any incident or injury could take place." Chua also said there are still a large number of rural schools without electricity in Sabah.

"What is the plan of the Ministry to ensure that such schools are given electricity and the time frame needed for the implementation?" she asked.

Under the detail of 01300 which is the Special Education, I wish to obtain explanation from the Ministry over the SK Bandar II. Special education in Tawau had been left behind by some ten years in the aspect of development, she said.

"Classrooms are too small and overcrowded. There are no facilities such as playing fields and equipment and there is a shortage of qualified teachers.

"I urge the Ministry to set up more classrooms for such education, as well as playing fields and suitable equipment for teachers use."


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