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Yong Teck Lee: "This is my promise to you, that our struggle continues and I will always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a serious political party of the future"


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2012 Jun 3 - Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP)Manifesto 2012

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP)Manifesto 2012

Sabah deserves better in terms of more equitable distribution of opportunities, in social, economic and infrastructural development and a better quality of life.

We are faced with sad realities in Sabah: the so-called state autonomy is only in the imagination as the divide-and-rule regime practised by Kuala Lumpur has brought a proud people to their knees.

The honour, dignity, sovereignty and security of the state and nation are threatened by the presence of illegal immigrants many of whom have acquired legal status.

Sabah although rich in natural resources and once the second richest state in the country, is now the poorest.

With authority concentrated in Kuala Lumpur, being poor also made Sabahans powerless and they have come to depend on and subservient to others, particularly peninsular Malaysian politicians in Kuala Lumpur.

This must change.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) wants to effect this change and restore Sabah's rightful position in Malaysia.

On 17 September 2008, the day that SAPP took a decisive step to leave the Barisan Nasional, the Party had also approved a "People's Declaration", commonly known as the 8-Point Declaration. This declaration provides the basic framework of our manifesto for the 13th General Election.

With a disciplined and united team in SAPP, the Party will be able to provide a similarly strong team in the government. But before we can do that, we need the voters in Sabah to trust our struggles to address the deterioration and restore
- the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement
- our rightful position as equal partners in the Federation of Malaysia
- our rights and privileges in the choice of our state leaders
- our control over our resources
- our role in the running of our beloved country.

Malaysia is one country with historical, ethnical and practical differences between the component states. We shall pursue a "one country, two systems" approach to address these distinct differences so that the uniqueness of Sabah are not marginalised and eventually forgotten.

Only a resounding endorsement from the voters in Sabah can make this Manifesto a reality.

With our mission "To Establish a Trustworthy Government and a Progressive, Just and Harmonious Society", we pledge to the people of Sabah that we shall do the followings:


In order to safeguard the identity rights of genuine Malaysians of Sabah origin, Sabahans need our own Identity Cards to differentiate ourselves from the dubious document holders. The massive proliferation of fake identity papers in Sabah is a failure of the Malaysian authorities to protect and preserve our sovereignty.

SAPP will issue the Sabah Identity Card to qualified Malaysians in Sabah. A State department will be set up for this purpose. This is entirely within the constitutions of Sabah and Malaysia.

The Sabah IC holders will be entitled to land ownership within the State, trading license, State scholarships, social welfare and other benefits from the State Government or its agencies.


As true Malaysians, we in Sabah sincerely feel that the Federal Government must honour the 1963 Malaysia Agreement in safeguarding the interests, rights, and the autonomy of the people of Sabah upon the formation of the federation of Malaysia.

The Federal Government is legally obligated to respect, honour and implement the Malaysia Agreement relating to the Borneonisation of the federal public service in Sabah.
SAPP will seek what Sabah is legally entitled to, including recourse to judicial redress. A legal suit to enforce Borneonisation will be instituted six months after SAPP forms the Sabah State Government if the Federal Government fails or refuses to honour promise of Borneonisation stated in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.


SAPP will pursue a constitutional review of the Malaysian Federation to truly reflect the spirit and intent of the formation of Malaysia. This review will include:

• The High Court in Borneo shall be enhanced in authority and status;

• Transfer of legislative powers in Schedule 9 (Legislative Lists of the Federal Constitution) from the Federal List to Concurrent List or, where appropriate, to the State List relating to trade, commerce, industry, shipping, navigation, fisheries, communications and transport, energy and hydro power, census, registrations of births and deaths and marriages, labour, consent over granting of Malaysian citizenship in Sabah, private education, amongst others; review of the Cabotage Policy and the Money Lenders Act, together with the financial resources to assume and take back these functions of government.

• Schedule 10 Part V (Additional Sources of Revenues Assigned to States of Sabah and Sarawak) can be expanded to include oil and gas, customs duties and revenues originating from Sabah such as sales tax collected in Sabah.


SAPP proclaims its support for the Native Court to be positioned as having the same judicial status as other Courts of our country.

A Department of "Legislation and Judiciary Native Affairs" (Jabatan Perundangan dan Kehakiman Anak Negeri) will be established in order to manage and administer the Sabah Native Courts system.

SAPP Government will revise and enhance the Native Interpretation Enactment towards asserting the status of native, Sino, and mixed marriages.


Injustices have been done to the bona fide Malaysians by the presence of illegal immigrants who have been sharing our resources and facilities and also threatening our safety and security.

SAPP will pursue the setting up of a Sabah Commission of Inquiry on the illegal immigrants by invoking the Inquiry Commissions Enactment 1981 so that the sovereignty of the State and the rights of legitimate Sabahans are upheld.


To deter elected members of the legislative assembly and parliament from switching parties after being elected, SAPP shall pursue the anti-hop principle so that any elected member who changes party shall be required to resign his/her seat. The member may submit to the electors by re-contesting the seat concerned. This principle will require amendments to both the State and Federal constitutions which SAPP shall pursue.


7.1 Unity and Social Justice

SAPP pledges to build a united multi-racial society, living in peace and harmony, upholding religious harmony and freedom consistent with the State and Federal constitutions.

SAPP pledges to:

• Reject racial and religious extremism;
• Eliminate the practice of racial politics and racial discrimination;
• Develop a civil society with dignity;
• Eliminate corruption and social injustice.

7.2 A Caring Society

Every Malaysian in Sabah in need is entitled to relief and social welfare regardless of ethnic background and religion.

SAPP pledges to Malaysians with Sabah IC:

• To provide assistance directly to the target groups to eliminate hardcore poverty;

• To provide assistance to the disabled, elderly, single parents and orphans;

• Sabah House in Kuala Lumpur will take on the additional responsibility of providing assistance and counselling to Sabahans working or studying or residing in Peninsular Malaysia.

7.3 RM300 Million For First Time House Buyer

Housing is a basic human need. Most people today cannot afford to buy and own a house especially the lower income group because the prices of houses have become so unaffordable.

SAPP pledges to:

• Fulfil the target of one Family one Home;

• Set up a revolving fund of RM300 million to assist first-time house buyers;

• Embark on a Squatter Free Campaign;

• Provide free housing for the hardcore poor;

• Grant lower land premium for developers building low-cost houses.

7.4 Education

Education is the fundamental requirement for the advancement of any society and the creation of a balanced human being, spiritually, physically and intellectually.

Under the ONE COUNTRY TWO SYSTEMS, SAPP Government pledges:

• To allow schools in Sabah to choose to adopt the PPSMI (teaching of Science and Mathematics in English);

• To address the problems relating to the service of the temporary teachers and the shortages of teachers in the vernacular schools;

• To intensify Yayasan Sabah's effort in bridging the social disparity by extending assistance in the form of providing hostels in the rural areas especially the remote villages;

• To disburse scholarships, bursaries and financial assistance for deposits offered by the State Government and also Yayasan Sabah fairly and justly to all qualified Malaysians with Sabah ICs;

• To provide poor and needy students especially from the remote villages with financial assistance by Yayasan Sabah;

• To commit to education development in the state and will allocate grants annually to all the vernacular and mission schools in Sabah;

• To give a second chance to the young school dropouts in Sabah and will formulate a comprehensive Adult Night School programme throughout the State. Allowances will be introduced to encourage lifelong learning and in order to empower youths otherwise engaged in informal sectors of the economy to break out of the handcuffs of illiteracy and the cycle of poverty.

7.5 Sabah Heritage

SAPP is committed to preserve and protect the cultures of all Sabahans in a fair and equitable manner whilst respecting cultures of all Malaysians.

Due to the special position and experience in Sabah, the SAPP State Government shall set up a panel on the history of Sabah to cast Sabah in the right perspective.


SAPP proposes the setting up of a peoples' welfare trust with the name AMANAH PROGRESIF RAKYAT SABAH (APRS). The source of funding for this trust will be from the oil and gas sector and other sources.

Citizens of Malaysia who have attained 21 years of age, registered voters residing in Sabah and hold "Sabah ICs" are eligible to receive the cash distribution as and when declared by the Board of Trustees.


Infrastructure and Public Utilities in Sabah are still far behind in terms of extent and maintenance.

SAPP will ensure that:
• Clean water and electricity can be enjoyed by people of all walks of life in Sabah;

• Prioritised construction, upgrading and maintenance of rural roads;

• Construction and maintenance of roads in the city is enhanced to ease traffic congestion;

• Public transportation system will be enhanced holistically especially in the main cities.


SAPP proposes that Labuan be returned to Sabah and governed as a Special Administrative Region (SAR):
• Labuan will be represented by three elected State Assemblymen at the Sabah State Legislative Assembly to complement the existing Member of Parliament in the federal legislature;

• The financial hub status of Labuan will be maintained and by being self administrative, will enhance its autonomy as an International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC);

• 20% of total oil royalty received by Sabah will be given to Labuan for its self-governance;

• SAPP Government will pursue the construction of the Labuan Bridge linking Sabah mainland to the island;


Sabah is internationally famed for its natural endowment. It is crucial that we manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner.
SAPP will:

• Ensure that all logging and deforestation activities be carried out in a regulated manner and in accordance with International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) standards;

• Develop alternative energy sources with emphasis on renewable energy;

• Enhance the culture of recycling by providing a comprehensive compliance framework backed by user-friendly operational systems;

• Encourage and support the use of green technologies.


SAPP is dedicated to championing for the Malaysian youths in Sabah. The hopes and aspirations of the youth must be heard more by the policy makers of the day. As such, SAPP is committed to the following:

12.1 Youth Career and Motivation Programme (YCMP)
This proactive programme will be part of SAPP's priorities in eradicating youth unemployment within Sabah by moulding a disciplined, multi-skilled and productive force.

12.2 Sabah Youth Assembly (SYA)
Modelled after the United Kingdom Youth Parliament, this platform allows eligible young persons, between the ages of 15 to 25, to vote for their own "YBM", or "Yang Berhormat Muda". The areas represented will be as per the current state electoral constituencies' structure. A mechanism will be developed to harness the human resources available in youth organisations.

12.3 Sports Development

SAPP recognizes the importance of sports in nation-building. Towards this end, SAPP will support sports development with special attention on funding for sports and sport infrastructure while ensuring that grants reach all levels.

12.4 Arts and Culture for Youths

Recognising the emerging generation of creative talents in Sabah, the SAPP government shall support and set aside sufficient resources for the growth of a vibrant arts, culture and film-making sector in Sabah.


SAPP recognizes the importance of women as a resource and acknowledges women's rights to opportunities, access to resources, participation in the decision-making process and access to power. It is supportive of the advancement of women in all spheres of endeavours.

SAPP pledges to:

• Work towards raising the participation of women in key decision-making positions in the government and in politics;

• Enhance economic empowerment of women in the rural areas with focus on accessibility to resources;

• Ensure women who are head of households have access to housing and other financial assistance.


SAPP State Government will implement a program within the purview of the state authority to improve ICT infrastructure and narrow the digital divide through the following initiatives:
• Build up a Pan Borneo Information Highway;

• Provide free internet services for all schools in Sabah;

• Build an "E-Tuition Centre" which will provide free tuition services for all schools through the internet services.


Sabahans spend RM700 million annually on licensed gaming alone. This has spawned social problems and a serious drain on Sabah's economy.

SAPP pledges to set up a GAMING COMMISSION with the view of curbing and controlling the rampant gaming activities in Sabah.

The Gaming Commission shall research, review and recommend to the State and Federal governments the policies and enforcement needed to protect the people and the economy from the ill effects of gaming.

Counselling services shall be offered in collaboration with non-governmental organisations to help addicted gamblers discard the gambling malaise.

Special efforts shall be made with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to deter and prevent internet gaming.


Productivity of the local work force has fallen way behind in comparison to other states and regions. This is mainly due to the failure of the educational system, manpower policies and the structure of our socio-economy over the last several decades.

SAPP believes minimum wage for local workers shall be productivity-linked and above the poverty line. Therefore, SAPP advocates for a living wage policy. We also recognise that foreign workers are still needed to sustain economic growth in Sabah but they need to be strictly regulated.

To achieve this balance, close and sincere consultations must be held among the government, the employee unions, employer associations, independent consultants and experts. The aim is to forge a vibrant, business-friendly economy whereby the employees are justly paid amidst conducive working conditions.


SAPP Government will push for the setting up of foreign consulates in Sabah such as the Philippine Consulate, the China Consulate and others.

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