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... Parti Maju Sabah (Sabah Progressive Party) .... United We Build, Together We Progress in Gabungan

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Yong Teck Lee: "This is my promise to you, that our struggle continues and I will always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a serious political party of the future"


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Why join SAPP?

Building a strong voice in Parliament and the State of Sabah and to fulfill our commitment to realize our 8-points declaration for Malaysians especially in Sabah.

  1. That the government shall be of the people and based on good governance and civil society and non-racial politics based on a progressive, just and harmonious society,

  2. that Sabah shall have political autonomy whereby the government shall be formed and run by the people of Sabah,

  3. that Sabah and other oil producing States shall be entitled to the petroleum royalty of 20%,

  4. that the Federal Territory of Labuan shall be returned to Sabah and governed as a special region,

  5. that unfair and imprudent federal laws which have been extended to Sabah and federal departments and which are to the detriment of he State shall be reviewed,

  6. that Sabah shall be given fair and just participation in the federal administration, the civil service and private sector, and that the federal departments in Sabah shall, as far as possible, he headed by local Malaysians,

  7. that the federal government and the state governments shall put in sufficient resources, political will and leadership in solving the illegal immigrant problems in a firm but humane manner, with emphasis on regional concept and smart partnership, and

  8. that the federal and state governments shall together work on redressing the in-built structural imbalances in the economic and social structure of the country affecting Sabah and other States.

How to join as a member
According to the Party's constitution, Article 5, Membership

(1) Qualifications for membership

Membership of the Party shall be open to all Malaysian citizens who are at least eighteen years of age, irrespective of race, religion, creed or sex, and who is not a member of any other political party, and who subscribe to the objectives of the Party.

(2) Application for membership

(a) Any person who wishes to become member of the Party shall apply to the Supreme Council by way of a prescribed form and in accordance with the rules, regulations and procedures as the Supreme Council may prescribe from time to time;

(b) The Supreme Council may at its sole discretion reject any application without assigning any reason;

(c) In any area where a Branch has already been established, a member residing or working in that area shall be attached to that Branch unless otherwise approved by the Secretary-General;

(d) In any area where there is no Branch in existence yet, members residing or working in that area shall be attached to any Branch as the Secretary-General may direct; and

(e) No member of a Branch shall be a member of any other Branch at any one time. The transfer of membership from one Branch to another Branch may be allowed with the written consent of the Secretary-General.

(3) Entrance and Subscription Fees

(a) The entrance fee into the Party shall be RM2.00;

(b) The annual subscription fee shall be RM1.00 ending on 31 December each year or part of a year;

(c) The entrance fee and the subscription fee for the current year shall be submitted to the Party at the time of applying for membership;

(d) All annual subscription fees shall be paid in advance on or before 1 January each year. Any member whose annual subscription is in arrears shall be denied the rights and privileges of membership;

(e) Members shall pay their annual subscription to their respective Branches; and the Branches shall respectively account for the annual subscription so collected as may be directed by the Supreme Council.

(4) Life Membership

(a) A member shall become a Life Member on payment of a contribution of a sum prescribed by the Supreme Council from time to time of not less than RM100.00 and such member shall be exempted from the payment of the annual subscription prescribed under Article 5(3)(b);

(b) All rules and provisions governing membership including that of discipline under Article 13 shall equally apply to a Life Member.

(5) Rights of Members

(a) Every applicant accepted into the party shall be issued a membership card;
(b) Unless otherwise provided for in the Constitution, and as long as the member has not ceased to be a member for any reason, a member shall be entitled:

(i) To attend and speak at all meetings which he is entitled to attend;
(ii) To vote at all meetings which he is entitled to attend;
(iii) To hold office in the Party to which he may be duly elected or appointed;
(iv) To have access to and make such reasonable use of facilities as the Party may provide.

(6) Resignation of Members

A member may resign his membership by giving one month’s notice in writing to the Secretary-General. Any member resigning his membership shall surrender his membership card to the Party.


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